Mastodon Featured Profiles

A streamlined tool for easier management of your featured profiles.

What are Featured Profiles?

Featured Profiles were a way to highlight exceptional followed accounts.

You can currently still deem a followed profile as featured, but you can't view your selections anywhere.

This is a Mastodon specific feature.

I've written a blog post about the history of featured profiles and go into more detail about the topic if you're interested.

What does this application do?

This application allows you to easily view, add and remove featured profiles from your account.

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What permissions are you asking for?

When you login, you will be asked to allow the application to have specific permissions to your account.

This tool requires access to make updates to your account for full functionality. It will not take any actions on your account other than managing your featured profiles and listing your followed accounts.

Screenshot of the authorization screen

I'm not comfortable giving this app access to update things on my account.

If you don't want to allow full permissions, you can still view your existing featured profiles. Toggle the "Security Conscious?" switch on the login page to enabled. When you login, you'll notice that Mastodon is only asking for read only access.

You won't be able to add or remove your featured profiles from the app this way, but you can still view them.

When using this mode, you'll notice you've still got the action buttons to feature or remove profiles. Clicking them takes you back to your official Mastodon instance where you can add and remove them manually. Then, come back to view them by using one of the refresh links.

Is my data secure?

Your data is only stored locally in your browser, and is not sent to any external servers other than your Mastodon instance through API calls. The site is secured with a valid SSL certificate.

Why build something if it's not fully supported?

I have a lot to learn. Vue, Mastodon, and Open source are all new concepts to me. This provided a unique opportunity to get fairly detailed into an area of Mastodon that hasn't been explored lately.

Code Maintenance

I really take Julia Evan's code maintenance guidelines to heart that are included in her small projects.

I fully admire the direct and honest statements made and will try to do the same here.

  • I made this for me, to learn new things.
  • I know the code isn't perfect.
  • If you find a bug, please let me know! But don't expect them to be fixed quickly...or at all.
  • I'm not planning to take feature requests, but share your ideas anyway, who knows?!
  • It's open source under an MIT license - take it and do what you will.

Tell me about the code.

You can find all the details about the technology stack and view the entire codebase on GitHub, but here's a summary.